mobile development

Mobile "Apps" development Mobile 

Apps are designed and developed for each platform. eSolutions has chosen to focus primary on Apple's iOS platform (iPhone/iPad) but is also providing solutions for Android and Windows Mobile.

Mobile "web solutions" development

Mobile solutions based on Web technologies are developed depending on the platform in for example PHP or JAVA. Common to all solutions is that they are running inside the mobile web browser.


Design and development of web solutions 

 Web solutions are designed and developed with focus on both design and usability working closely with the client to achieve the best result. Solutions are based primarily on OpenSource CMS and developed in PHP, HTML and Javascript with integration to for instance mySQL.

JAVA Development

JAVA development is offered in for example Web solutions (JAVA JEE) with integration to Web Services and/or SQL databases. Besides web solutions eSolutions can also offer development of client applications and tools.

it support

PC og network support

For small businesses and associations eSolutions offers implementation, service and support of network (LAN/WIFI), printer/scanner setup, backup solutions and UPS power backup etc.

eSolutions also supports installation, configuration and upgrade support of both Windows and Mac computers.


Who is eSolutions

eSolutions is a Danish consulting company. Since the start eSolutions has focused on design and development of Internet and mobile solutions as well as PC and network support for small businesses, associations, etc.

eSolutions is a "one-man firm" but yet with many years of experience from large projects at major Danish companies and can therefore offer a wide range of IT services.

The history

eSolutions was founded in 1999 and has since worked with many different types of projects for both large and small Danish customers. The primary focus has been application and Internet development but eSolutions has also offered services within photography for example, in development of websites. Besides development eSolutions has also offered support and service of smaller network solutions, PCs, etc.

iPhone and iPad apps

Visit Apple App Store

eSolutions is developing apps for both private and business use. Some of our apps are only available for specific customers while others are available in the Apple App Store.

On request, eSolutions is offering to develop apps specific to your business needs. Business apps can be deployed using the public Apple App Store, for your business only, using the Apple Volume Purchase Program or, for enterprise apps, your preferred MDM tool.

For more information please contact me and lets have a talk about your next app!

Click the link below to see a list of apps available on App Store today!